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Woman jailed for cyber stalking

A 32 year old woman who created fake social media accounts to carry out a campaign of harassment has been sentenced to 12 months in prison and given a five year non-harassment order.

Jill Sharp, a former mental health worker from North Lanarkshire, was sentenced at Livingston Sheriff Court today after having pled guilty to stalking two people between January 2014 and August 2017.

Sharp, using a variety of invented names, targeted her victims in a lengthy campaign of harassment.

The court heard that Sharp became jealous when a former friend formed a relationship and subsequently married.  Following the publication of an article in the Daily Record, Sharp began to target the couple online using fake accounts and taking photographs from their own accounts and posted them elsewhere in an act of revenge as she believed the complainers were responsible for the Daily Record articles.

Sharp also sent threatening and abusive text messages, poison pen letters cut out of newspapers and emails to the employers of her victims, as well as the management of their local golf club accusing them of being drug dealers and committing sectarian offences.

Laura Buchan, Procurator Fiscal for Lothian and Borders said:

“Jill Sharp’s campaign of stalking and harassment caused significant anxiety and alarm. The invasion of the personal lives of her victim’s was wholly unacceptable.

“Stalking can have a devastating and lasting impact on the lives of victims. We will continue to prosecute stalking offences effectively and appropriately, and use the full powers of the legislation available to us.

“We would encourage anybody who is the subject of this type of behaviour to have no hesitation in reporting what is happening to the police and to be reassured that police and prosecutors take such offences extremely seriously.”