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Standards of Service for Victims and Witnesses - Annual Report

The Lord Advocate is required, along with the Chief Constable of Police Scotland, the Scottish Courts and Tribunal Service, the Scottish Prison Service and the Parole Board for Scotland, to publish Standards of Service for victims and witnesses each year and to publish an annual report in relation to the fulfilment of those standards.

Standards of Service for Victims and Witnesses Annual Report 2020-21

COPFS will continue to fulfil the same standards of service in 2021-22:

Standards of Service for Victims and Witnesses 2021-22


Lord Advocate James Wolffe QC said:

"The interests of justice can only be served if victims and witnesses are enabled and supported to give evidence. It is important, as a matter of policy, that victims and witnesses can expect to be treated properly by all parts of the justice system, and with a consistent and good standard of service. I accordingly welcome the publication of this report.

"I know that all staff of COPFS understand that victims of crime, in particular, can find it difficult to navigate the criminal justice system, and work hard to ensure that victims and witnesses are treated with respect and have access to the necessary information and support. It will be important for the Service to continue that good work, so that all victims and witnesses have confidence in the standard of service which COPFS provides."