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Victims & witnesses and equality reports published

We have published our Standards of Service for Victims and Witnesses 2017-18 report; our Equality Outcomes Mainstreaming Report 2017; and Equality Outcomes 2017-2021.

Standards of Service for Victims and Witnesses 2017-18

The second Standards of Service report produced jointly by COPFS, Police Scotland, the Scottish Courts and Tribunals Service, the Scottish Prison Service and the Parole Board for Scotland has been published.

We each established standards of service for victims and witnesses in April 2015 and the first report set out our progress and experience of our first year.

This report provides an update on not only how we have performed against these standards over the second year, but our experience and learning.

Equality Outcomes Mainstreaming Report 2017 and the Equality Outcomes 2017-2021

We have published our  Equality Outcomes Mainstreaming Report 2017 which provides an update on the actions taken by COPFS from April 2015 to April 2017 to meet our Equality Outcomes. The Outcomes are designed to show the importance of equality: in our service delivery; our staff development; our recruitment and profile; and in the development of our policies and practice. 

Its publication completed the first cycle of mainstreaming equality based on our first set of Equality Outcomes and is the culmination of four years of collaborative work between COPFS, our justice partners and a number of stakeholders across the spectrum of protected characteristics.

We also published our Equality Outcomes 2017-2021.  We look forward to working with stakeholders and our justice partners over the next four years to eliminate unlawful conduct, advance equality of opportunity and foster good relations between protected groups.