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Complaints Policy and Victims’ Right to Review reports released

Annual reports from the Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service Response and Information Unit (RIU) were released today. They cover the Comments and Complaints Policy and the Victims’ Right to Review for 2015-16.


The RIU handles public complaints and brings recurring problems to the attention of senior management in order to make improvements to COPFS’ work. The Comments and Complaints Policy Annual Report 2015-16 reports 717 formal complaints logged in that period. 

The RIU also handles cases where victims have requested a review of a decision not to prosecute. Victims’ Right to Review came into effect in July 2015. The first Victims’ Right to Review report since implementation began, found that out of a total of 225,537 criminal reports, 27,333 were marked no further action in 2015-16.

Both reports can be found on the Business and Strategy plans page under Reports and Reviews.