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Developing positive relationships with Japan’s prosecution service

Mr Hiromu Kurokawa, Deputy Vice-Minister of Justice, Ministry of Justice, Japan, today met with the Solicitor General for Scotland, Alison Di Rollo and the COPFS Crown Agent, David Harvie.

L to R: David Harvie, COPFS Crown Agent; Hiromu Kurokawa, Deputy Vice-Minister of Justice; Solicitor General, Alison Di Rollo

Mr Kurokawa’s visit to the Crown Office in Edinburgh follows delegations from Japanese prosecutors and judges in recent years.

This Japanese delegation was particularly interested in the general movement of the Scottish prosecution service from a paper based system to a digital system; the electronic disclosure of evidence; and changes to working circumstances as a result.

The meeting also offered an opportunity to further develop our positive relationship with Japanese colleagues.

The Solicitor General said the Scottish prosecution service strongly values its relationship with Japan which shares similar systems of public prosecution to Scotland.

She said: “It is clear that while we work on other sides of the world, we share many of the same current concerns; the same focus on doing what is right for the people and communities we work for; and the same understanding of the need to take advantage of new technologies, where we can, to provide a better prosecution service for our nations.”

In both Scotland and Japan public prosecutors have independent responsibility for the investigation and prosecution of crime. Both have responsibility to direct the police for investigative purposes, to decide what action should be taken in respect of criminal allegations, and to prosecute cases in court.