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Bribery self-reporting initiative extended until 2017

The Lord Advocate has extended the self-reporting initiative, by which businesses who uncover bribery in their organisations can proactively notify the Crown Office, for a further year.

The initiative, which was first launched on 1 July 2011, will now run until 30 June 2017.*

Each case reported to COPFS under the self-reporting initiative is considered on its own merits. The Serious and Organised Crime Unit considers what action requires to be taken in the public interest in these cases. There may be self-reported cases where it is in the public interest to refer the case to the Civil Recovery Unit with a view to a civil settlement being agreed. There will be other cases that are so serious that they will merit prosecution and confiscation proceedings.

Our updated guidance sets out in detail how reports by a company should be made and the approach which will be taken by COPFS. 


 * The initiative was further extended until June 2018: Guidance on the approach of COPFS to reporting of businesses of bribery offences