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Lord Advocate attends Human Trafficking Summit

The Lord Advocate today attended a summit on Human Trafficking hosted by the Director of Public Prosecution for England and Wales at the Crown Prosecution Service, London.

At this summit the heads of the Prosecution Services from the United Kingdom signed a series of Commitments in relation to the prosecution of Human Trafficking cases.

These commitments will ensure that a consistent,robust approach is taken to the prosecution of these types of offences and that wherever possible the Prosecution Services from across the United Kingdom will work together to provide training, support and share experience in relation to Human Trafficking.

The Commitments cover the approach to prosecuting cases, the protection of witnesses, training of staff and liaison with other groups such as Non-Governmental Organisations.   This summit followed on from one held by the Lord Advocate in Scotland in 2014 which was the first time that the heads of the Prosecution services across the United Kingdom and Ireland had met to discuss a single issue.

The Prosecution services will continue to work together to identify common trends and issues in this field as the new legislation in Scotland, and across the rest of the United Kingdom, develops.